The Art of Daniel Pavon Cuellar
The Last Forest
By Dapacu Artist
The Art of Daniel Pavon Cuellar
Multidimensional Art of Dapacu Details
Multidimensional Art of Dapacu Details
Art-Co.UK Presents the Multidimensional Art, Miniature Forests and Ecosferes by Dapacu Artist.
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The Multidimensional Art of Dapacu is based on creating Masterpieces of Art with more than one point of
escape, creating multiple dimensions.
Such as mantras, they create a great visual experience to meditate while discovering each time more and
Multiple layers, multiple dimensions and one of a kind art that will show you more images and oasis of
images that are not really there but you can see them.
Welcome to the World of Art by Dapacu, creating true creations; each may seem simple, but nobody else
ever has made these works of Art, such as the Miniature forests, thousands of living trees per square meter,
or the ecosferes, living forests inside glass containers 100% care free.
Dapacu Artist creates with Art and Nature, unique works of art for your enjoyment.
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